Pumpkins are NOT apples.I've always wondered if it's possible to eat a miniature pumpkin (or a gourd) like you do with an apple. I mean, Michael Rock makes a valid point, stating that people eat pumpkin pie all the time, so why not a raw pumpkin like a raw apple? It's been bothering me for quite some time and I simply had to put the myth to rest.

It just so happened that our very own "studio pumpkin" named "Albert" was staring me point blank in the face when it dawned on me... I'm going to eat "Albert".... or at least attempt to.

Turned out that "Albert" was rotten on the inside and extremely stale, leaving a bad taste of spoiled pumpkin, karma and shame in my mouth that was impossible to wash away.

Don't believe me? Watch the video above for yourself! Also, I might need to make a trip to the Dentist sometime in the near future.

*Womp womp womp*

Lesson of the day.... Don't eat pumpkins like you would an apple.

Pumpkins are not apples.