I don't know who needs to hear this, but if you're someone who opens up an ear of corn to check it out before purchasing it, you're doing more harm than good.

Growing up in Westport, I'm accustomed to visiting the local farm stands in the area for veggies or fruits. I'm aware that once corn season begins, these stands are flooded with customers who are looking to get their corn fix for dinner or weekend clam boils.

As if there was an unspoken rule, there is a sense of etiquette that some people follow and others don't.

When purchasing corn from the stands, I'll often see people ripping open not just one but multiple ears of corn in search of the perfect ear. Well, I'm not sure if those of you who do this are aware, but the corn gets checked and looked over first before hitting the stands.

When you open up an ear of corn and put it back into the pile, that ear of corn cannot be sold anymore, which eventually hurts the small local farmer stands. It may be small change at first, but if multiple people are doing this every time they're purchasing corn, the loss of profit eventually adds up.

The piece of corn becomes unwanted once you tear the top back, eventually drying it out and making it unsellable. You see, corn stays fresher when it's not ripped open.

So, in a nutshell, you're not only wasting a good piece of corn that took a good amount of time to grow with a lot of hard work behind each stalk, but you're also hurting a small business.

Here's the trick: if you're looking for a good ear of corn to take home without shucking half of it on-site, simply slide your fingers down the husk and feel the size of the kernels. If they are small-to-medium-sized then they will be juicy, as large kernels will be dry. Also, this allows you to feel any gaps or worms.

Corn is corn, people, please stop opening up the husk before purchasing it. You'll save time, and spread fewer germs, especially during a rough time where cleanliness is a must. These farmers are breaking their backs on the daily to bring fresh produce to your table. Let's not ruin something good.


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