Every animal lover needs to check out this insane PSA!

Kevin Richardson owns his own self made sanctuary in Johannesburg, South Africa, consisting of every African Wildlife you can imagine. The sanctuary is around 3,200 acres and there are 13 predator enclosures. What makes Richardson so different from other animal lovers, is the fact that he personally interacts with the wild animals he has saved. He has been "accepted" into many clans of hyenas and lions.

Let me be clear that these are entirely wild animals who have grown to love Richardson as one of their own. He stated that it took years of trust, patience and love before these animals allowed themselves to be so close to their owner.  Now they can't get enough of him! Richardson already has many movies out based on his day-to-day life with these beautiful creatures, all in order to spread awareness to the sanctuary's constant need of donations and support.  As well as the dying population of lions, who have gone from 350,000 to 25,000 in a fifteen year span.

Richardson created (or tried to create) this PSA for World Lion Day on August 10th, when his furry friend, Tau, expressed his extreme interesting in lion conservation.

Check out his website here. #SaveLions

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