Every year thousands from the LGBTQ community and their allies flood Commercial Street in Provincetown for the Carnival celebration. This year, the celebration goes on but looks a lot different.

Oh yes, I have been to a Carnival celebration week or two in my day and it was exciting to see such diversity in the crowds that this week-long celebration brings. It's truly a safe place for any and everyone.

Many people come from all over the world to this mecca of true equality for a judgment-free getaway where they can truly be themselves.

This year, Carnival week looks a lot different. Normally, thousand would take to Commercial Street to visit the unique local shops, restaurants, and dance clubs. Drag queens would be strutting down the street and entertaining at every chance they got. Much of what so many come to expect from this week is now being done virtually, according to the Ptownie Facebook page, with Zoom performances and virtual sets from the popular disc jockeys.

While many of the businesses are open and many people are still making their way to Provincetown this week, it's expected that only about 10-15,000 people will visit P-town this week. That's a big decrease from the over 90,000 people that would typically visit. We can only hope that all of the landmark businesses that make Carnival such an attraction to those near and far are here to celebrate next year.

Have you ever been to the Carnival celebration in Provincetown?

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