We are on day three of oppressively hot and humid weather, and by now you're probably cooling down any way you can. Just five minutes outside when the weather is like this makes you sweat, so imagine how many of the local zoo animals feel.

Well, if you are a macaw at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, you are actually feeling pretty darn good. That's because zoo staff is treating them to a cooling mist we all wish we could walk through.

Just watching that makes me want to run through a sprinkler like a kid again. If you ask me, that beautiful blue guy is absolutely loving every minute of his outdoor shower. Honestly, why wouldn't he? The temperatures are crazy high right now and we could all use a cooling mist in our lives.

That's not the only way staff at RWP Zoo is helping their animal buddies stay cool this summer, either. We spoke with Vicki Scarfberg, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at the zoo, who told us that most of "the animals are pretty good about finding ways to cool themselves off." Whether it's lying low or seeking shade, these fantastic creatures can clearly fend for themselves, like the elephants who love to cover themselves in mud to cool off.

Courtesy of Vicki Scarfberg @ RWPZoo

That doesn't mean the zoo can't help. When the temperatures rise, water bowls warm up fast. Fresh, cool water is given often and many animals are provided fans and misting spray. Scarfberg added that "zookeepers throw buckets of ice into the seal's water" tank to ensure it stays nice and cold. That sounds like something we'd all want to jump into.

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My favorite is the fact that some of the zoo inhabitants are given tasty treats on hot summer days. Yes, just like you and me, many of these animals love to cool off with some iced treats, though we might not think of them as treats. The animals typically get "frozen balls of ice with their favorite food inside"," like this otter chowing down on a fishsicle. Hey, whatever keeps you cool.

Courtesy of Vicki Scarfberg @ RWPZoo

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