Starting tomorrow, pizza lovers can once again start ordering from a massively popular menu with a two-month waiting list. But is this slice of pizza heaven really worth it?

Hotline Pizza has been the toughest slice to grab since they first starting dishing out their Detroit-style pizza in Providence two years ago, probably because their pizza distribution is so restricted it's nearly impossible to even order.

According to its Instagram account, Hotline pizza makes just 30 pizzas per day, Wednesday through Saturday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. The only way to order one is by DM-ing them on the day you want to order starting at 1 p.m. and cross your fingers you're in the top 30.

That's seriously restricted.

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Picking it up is just as weird. Hotline Pizza is a pop-up business, so they use different restaurant kitchens every time they cook. So after you manage to order, you never know where you'll need to head to pick your pizza up. Crazy!

But pizza lovers do not care. In fact, the challenge of ordering and receiving one of these elusive pizzas seems to make it that much better to some diners. It's like you've somehow made it to the upper crust of pizza culture by eating one of these (pun totally intended).

Hotline Pizza Instagram
Hotline Pizza via Instagram

Don't get me wrong, these pizzas look amazing. The melty cheese, crisp pepperoni slices, deep dish perfectly baked crust – what's not to love here? But I can only eat one if I am one of the lucky 30 people to order on a very specific date and time? Nah.

Hotline Pizza Instagram
Hotline Pizza via Instagram

To me, pizza is pizza. Sure, I have favorite pizza places to order from and toppings to add, but I would never turn down any pizza because it is usually all good.

So while Hotline Pizza does look absolutely amazing and they clearly have something very special happening here, jumping through all the hoops to get one of these deep dish delights does not actually seem worth it to me.

How about you?

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