Typically when you see a pothole you try to avoid it. But now the city of Providence wants you to report it—and win.

The #PVDPotHoleHunt is underway throughout Providence, where seeing and reporting a pothole in the city could win you prizes to popular city attractions.

The goal here is not only to find these terrible potholes and repair them, but also to promote the city's new 3-1-1 hotline and PVD311 mobile app.


So when you see the pothole, you've got to call and report it by dialing 3-1-1, enter the location on the PVD311 website or on the 311 mobile app.

Easy enough really. And who isn't seeing plenty of potholes this time of year.

You can even track the repair to your reported pothole with this new app. Kinda cool, I guess.

It's bringing neighborhood watch to a whole new level at least. And if it fills in potholes, who can complain about that?

A press release on the #PVDPotHoleHunt contest breaks down exactly what you need to do to have your area pothole repaired.

And it conveniently defines a pothole for you as well, which cracked me up because this in New England—we know potholes.

Still, a win is a win, and if you report a pothole with the new 3-1-1 technology you could score tickets to the RWP Botantical Garden, RWP Zoo passes, Zoo zipline tickets or even passes for the City Center skating rink and bumper cars.

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