Just in time for summer's serious heat, Yelp has released their list of the top 100 ice cream shops in the U.S. based on diners reviews.

Across the country it was California that had the most ice cream shops make the list. In our little corner, only seven New England ice cream shops were in the top 100 with Maine claiming three of those spots.

Lucky for us on the SouthCoast however, two local shops have not only made the list, they both cracked the top 50. So what did the Yelp reviewers say was the best ice cream around us?

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No surprise, the legendary Ice Cream Barn in Swansea ranked #46.

The ice cream barn via facebook
The ice cream barn via facebook

Reviewed highly for both their incredible ice cream and their scenic spot on Locust St, The Ice Cream Barn has almost all five star reviews on Yelp. Reviews like "the ice cream barn never disappoints" from Jessica M. and "this place makes the best ice cream around" from K.R.

People raved about the size of their portions, the friendliness of their staff and though many say to expect a line, most follow that by pointing out how quickly it seems to move.

If you want something a little different than just scoops in a cone however, the #7 ice cream spot on Yelp's list is one to check out.

Tricycle Ice Cream in Providence is more into sandwiching their ice cream between brownies, blondies and cookies than scooping it into cones. And it looks incredible.

tricycle ice cream via facebook
tricycle ice cream via facebook

Tricycle Ice Cream makes over 30 gourmet frozen desserts, including a variety of ice cream tacos that will make you forget the Choco Taco ever existed.

Tricycle got their start at fairs and festivals around Providence, but opened their brick and mortar shop on Battey St in Providence back in 2019. Reviewer Caitlin D says the "space itself is incredibly discreet" and Jessica O. reminds those going for the first time "don’t judge an ice cream shop by its storefront."

Inside you'll find a lengthy menu that Taylor R referred to as "my childhood dreams comes true" and Queen M says contains "flavors [that] are on point to what their names are!"

Aside from the flavors, its the freezing many people rave about. Tricycle's ice cream sandwiches are said to be so cold you can eat them outside on a hot day without making a mess or even drive them home without them melting.

Now that's some amazing ice cream.

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