Years ago, before my dad retired from the Massachusetts State Police, he had one of his favorite jobs he ever had as a cop.

He had worked in the Governor's Auto Theft unit, in homicide, and in narcotics, but his favorite position on the police force came towards the end of his career. He LOVED being a motorcycle cop. It was a particularly great time to be a motorcycle cop between 2000 and 2010, when every Boston-based sports team couldn't stop winning championships. He escorted the players' duck boats for all of those Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins parades, but his very favorite was escorting the presidents when they came to town.

He had the opportunity to escort the Bush family several times over the course of a few years. This is a picture of George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara visiting Bush's alma mater, Phillips Academy in Andover. As he was in a holding room prior to delivering his speech, the former president pointed at a wall full of books that lined the walls in the hallowed school.

"These books were here when I was here. They thought I read them all. I didn't," joked President Bush.

Before they were escorted back to the airport, the Bushes made it a point (as they always did) to make time for the police that were protecting them. As they were posing for a photo with my dad and his friends, Mrs. Bush offered some motherly advice to my dad.

"Take off your sunglasses, dear," said the former First Lady. "They won't look good in the picture."

He's pictured far left—without sunglasses, of course.

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