As many know, Starbucks will undergo racial-bias training tomorrow and all stores across the entire country will be shut down for the day. I must say, I don't drink Starbucks personally, but the way they've handled this situation with the utmost class is certainly respectable.

But that means tomorrow, a lot of people will have to get their morning brew elsewhere, so where should you go?

Here are some local alternatives, in no particular order:


Located in North Dartmouth (439 State Road), they're "serving the sexiest coffee and the studly-est sandwiches" (worth a try based on that slogan alone). They offer ALL KINDS of hot and iced beverages from lattes to Oreo smoothies to iced tea and chai. Their beverage menu seems never-ending, and their sandwich menu is just as impressive, from the basic egg and cheese all the way to a Cubana hot-pressed sandwich with spice-rubbed pork loin, ham and Swiss cheese, topped with house-marinated onions, mustard, lettuce mix, and tomatoes. They have muffins and pastries as well. Definitely worth a try! Here is their website where you can easily see both menus: Mirasols

Mirasol's Facebook

The Nook

Located at 58 Washington Street in Fairhaven, they claim that sometimes you need a quick fix for your coffee, but sometimes you want to really enjoy each and every sip, introducing The Nook Gourmet Coffee House. Oh yeah, and if you think mocha is "gourmet," you're really in for a treat. Check out their famous dessert drink "The Local Buzz: sweet but not cloyingly sweet, rich but not so thick that it becomes a chore to finish and caffeinated to the high hills." It includes honey, maple, and vanilla, YUM! They also have loads of delicious food. Here is their website where you can see all the savory goodness for yourself: The Nook

The Nook's Facebook

Coastal Roasters

Located in Tiverton, RI (1791 Main Rd), their menu is full old school chalk and board baby, and sometimes, old school can be the sign on a great shop! They do carry all kinds of espresso, ice coffee, frozen coffee, smoothies, and pastries.  According to their Facebook reviewers, they are top notch. Check it out for yourself: Coastal Roasters

Coastal Roasters Facebook

Blue Lobster Cafe

Inside of Lee's Market at 796 Main Road in Westport. Whether you're coming in to sit down or if you're grabbing some groceries after work, Blue Lobster Cafe is another locals paradise. Feel free to bring your laptop as well, as free Wi-Fi is available. As usual, all types of coffee and espresso, as well as afternoon sandwiches, which could be a nice kicker! For more information: Blue Lobster Cafe

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So there you have it, you should be good to go in your day in the life without Starbucks. Who knows, maybe you'll even like these places better.