A Plymouth boy was rushed to the emergency room after drinking what a classmate told him was Kool Aid.

WCVB reports that 10-year-old Dylan Butler was riding the bus to school Wednesday when a classmate offered him a powdered mix drink that he assured him was Kool Aid.

Butler told the news station,

It smelled like it. I put it into a water bottle on the bus, and I  mixed it up. I thought it tasted like Kool Aid so I thought it was fine."

The mix was not Kool Aid however, but a powdered energy drink called G Fuel and soon after drinking it Butler became extremely ill at school and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Butler's mother Josee Tolles did some research on G Fuel, which bills itself as a healthy alternative to sugar-loaded canned energy drinks on its website. She told WCVB she's spreading the word about what happened to her son because,

It's called all natural. It's given to gamers to be able to play video games better. So it sounds pretty good. It's just to let people know you can have a really bad reaction to it."