Like many things about being a parent, no one can truly prepared you for potty training it until you are in it.

We are about two weeks into potty training my daughter and it is some tough stuff.

Like many two-year-olds, my daughter in STUBBORN! Her determination to do things her way is a quality I will love about her someday...but am really struggling with as I try to get through toddlerhood.

And potty training seems to be the worst of it.

Unfortunately, she never really showed those so-called "potty ready signs." (Like hiding when she had to go.) But she super hated diaper changes, so I thought it was time to give it a try. But I'm not sure how well it's going.

Right now I am working on a timer system. Every hour we sit and see what happens, if she goes she gets a reward...if not we try again in an hour.

She's getting better at pulling her pants down and up at potty time and when she does successfully go, she like to wipe herself and flush everything away.

But...she still doesn't tell me when she's going, isn't so keen on pooping on the potty and often times just out right refuses to sit when I tell her it's potty break time.

So I'm hoping other moms can tell me if this is all par for the course or if I need to try something else.

Most of my friends have older kids and seem to have blocked potty training out completely, so I'm hoping other moms in the thick of it can offer up some words of wisdom.

What has worked for you? What should I skip altogether? Am I doing any of this right!?!

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