It's pothole season! That fantastic time of year when the roads are completely beat up from winter's brutal cold and driving a straight line becomes almost impossible. But where are the worst roads?


I swear on my drive to work everyday I must look drunk.

I swear on my drive to work everyday I must look drunk. There is a certain stretch of 195 between Penniman Ave and 240 that is just pothole after pothole and as I bob and weave to avoid them, all I can think of is how ridiculous I must look.


It is a necessary evil though. Just last month I wacked into a massive pothole on a side street while driving at night and wound up denting my tire's inner rim to the tune of $240. Yikes!


Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Of course the driving will be dangerous for a least another month or so before it becomes warm enough for any work to be done to repair these annoying holes in the highways, so I'm wondering where the worst of them are here on the Southcoast?


We're all out there driving and a heads up on where the biggest and baddest of these potholes are lurking is something I think we could all use some information on. Especially for the drive home, when it's dark and they're much harder to see.


So if you see a pothole, report the pothole and hopefully we can all be a little safer on the roadways!