Today on Michael and Maddie, Michael was reminiscing on the days when writing letters to friends or coworkers was commonplace, while nowadays, it’s thought of as a grand gesture. I agreed, saying that it’s extremely thoughtful for someone to take the time to sit down and put pen to paper instead of just texting the person.

But after buying stamps for my “Save the Date” wedding invites today, I think I know why people don’t write letters as much, and it has to do with the price tag of stamps. These little squares are way too expensive.

I understand that I bought more than the average person today. I had to buy at least two hundred to cover all of my invitations (as you can see, I’m holding out on my original guestlist for 2021, so fingers crossed).

I chose a design, and as the woman behind the counter rang them up, I was shocked at the amount I saw on the credit card machine.

$110 for 200 stamps. Fifty-five cents for a stamp. It’s the most expensive sticker I have ever purchased. Maybe I should’ve gone with a smaller ceremony next year so I could spend more of my budget on the cake rather than with the USPS.

Fifty-five cents on its own isn’t too bad. But when you have to buy as many as I did, that 55 cents will add up quickly.

Am I missing something here? Why are stamps so expensive? And for that matter, why does the price of stamps seem to steadily rise? Save your money and PM me your thoughts.

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