It is quite possible that Portsmouth, Rhode Island is one of the most underrated small, beachy towns in our area, and a quick scroll through Zillow will show you exactly why. There are stunning homes on the water everywhere and it seems many of them are on the market right now.

Sure, the price points are up there, but the houses are stunning and the views are some of the best on the area's shores. And if you don't believe me, this house for sale on Common Fence Boulevard might change your mind.

The house has a $1.395 million price tag and if I win the lottery tomorrow it might be one the first things I buy. It's got all the elements of a great beach retreat while also giving you plenty of reason to want to live there all year 'round.

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Cozy window seats, gas fireplaces and deep soaking tubs are just a few of the home's features that are on my dream home amenities list. The idea that I could basically cross the street and be at the beach would be a dream come true, too.

So why have I been sleeping on how great Portsmouth is? Honestly, friends of mine from growing up lived in Portsmouth and I never really thought much of it. I guess you don't really appreciate a home's location until you are the adult buying it.

If I could buy this house, I most definitely would, or one very much like it in Portsmouth, now that I've made myself aware of how fantastic an area it is.

A Beach Lover's Paradise For Sale in Portsmouth

Portsmouth, Rhode Island just might be the most underrated small beach town in the area. But houses like this one could really change that.

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