Police are telling fans to be careful where buying last minute AFC Championship tickets.

If you're trying to go to this Sunday's match-up between the Steelers and the Patriots, you've got to buy your tickets from the right source.

Boston police say there have already been incidents of fake tickets being sold through Craigslist and are warning fans so they don't get fooled next.

Boston.com is reporting that a man went to the Boston Police on Wednesday to say that he had been scammed by a man he bought tickets from.

He told police he connected with the man on Craigslist, met up in person for the sale and only learned that the tickets were counterfeit after the two had parted ways .

Though police did not comment on how much the victim paid for his fake tickets, they do warn other fans to only buy their playoff tickets through ticket agencies and vendors to avoid such scams on the secondary market.

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