The 50-foot rock that shows a profile of what the Wampanoag native American tribe believe to be Chief Massasoit has been tagged with a swastika this weekend.

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According to Herald News, police found the bright orange paint on the rock this past Sunday. Down the road, they pulled over a vehicle containing an occupant with a matching last name as the graffiti and charged  a Fall River man and two men from Swansea with the tagging.

Police have charged Nicholas Berry, 26, of Eastern Avenue, Fall River, Michael Deltoro, 22, of Swansea, and Kenneth McNulty III, 21, of Swansea. Police also provided a photo of the graffiti, which includes the name "Berry" and a swastika in bright orange paint. The words "Kill Me" were also scrawled on the rock in the State Forest.


Additional Reporting by Kiah Heron