"Goodbye, 2017!"... My last words before submerging myself in arctic-cold waters.

Let me paint you a picture....

The outside temperatures read 1 degree and the wind factor made it feel like -14. The waters of Westport, MA were frozen over for the first time in years, scaring away avid traditional jumpers.

Each year, a group of about 8 of my good friends and I jump off of the dock at The Back Eddy in Westport, but this year was different. As we were waiting in line to enter the restaurant, the manager (possibly owner) told the anticipating crowd of "Plungers" that NO ONE was allowed this year to jump from their property docks, because of the dangerous current, conditions and temperatures, per lawyer.... This wasn't going to stop me.

I headed over to a public boat ramp with a crew of local reporters, family members and friends with nothing on but a bright green bathing suit, my Father trying his best to talk me out of it (But as some may already know, I'm as stubborn as a mule and I was on a mission).

After finding the only area that was not covered by a thick sheet of ice, I handed my phone to my good friend Ned Hamilton and then jumped into knee-deep water. I walked out a good 10 feet or so, threw my hands up, shouted "Goodbye, 2017!" and proceeded to fall face first into the icy waters until my whole body was submerged, but only for a moment. To my surprise, the water "felt" extremely warm (I'd guess around 38 degrees or so) and I took my time getting out as my Father was frantically ushering me to warm up quickly with the crowd cheering me on.

I'd be lying if I said "I'm going to miss 2017"... it simply wasn't my year. As I walked barefoot and shirtless back to 'The Back Eddy' for a free brunch and a cocktail or two to warm me up, I had zero regrets... and would do it all again to keep the tradition alive.

See you again in 2019, "Polar Plunge".

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