Here’s a story that serves as a pleasant reminder that there are lots of good people in this world. The planet can feel chaotic and cruel, but this genuine act of kindness in Plymouth on Wednesday proves that the feeling a good deed can bring will never grow old.

Angela Brown was working the register at Walmart in Plymouth. It was a typical day and a busy one at that.

A gentleman and his son approached the counter.

“(He was) a rambunctious little guy (who was) very excited to buy his RC car,” Brown said. “When I was done (ringing them out), the man handed me money and asked that I put it toward the next order.”

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Behind the gentleman was a woman waiting with around $200 worth of items.

“He quietly handed me $30 and told me to put it towards her items, and not to tell her,” Brown said.

She stashed the money to the side and began ringing out the next woman.

“I quickly put the cash toward her order, told her the amount, and she paid the remaining balance,” she said.

However, to Brown’s knowledge, the woman did not seem to notice the $30 discount.

“I really wanted to tell her,” said Brown, but the man was adamant that it remain anonymous.

“I hope she looked at her receipt at some point and noticed it. It made my entire night,” she said. “There’s been so much tragedy all over recently, it was truly amazing to be part of such a beautiful act of kindness.”

There are beautiful gestures happening all around us, and sometimes we are too busy to even notice them. But that doesn’t take away from the man’s kind gesture, and Brown was just happy to be a part of it.

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