All dogs are exceptional, but there is only one top dog in Plymouth that gets the prestigious title of America’s Hometown Hound.

Launched in 2020, America’s Hometown Hound bestows the honor onto one lucky pup every year, and Otis the Golden Retriever was crowned in May.

Meet the Golden that stole the hearts of Plymouth.

America's Hometown Hound Contest

Just Around the Corner Pet Sitting and Dog Walking launched the virtual contest in 2020 and it was a hit from the beginning.

“In the first year, we had 250 entries,” said Sarah Jane Tolman, the social media coordinator for Just Around the Corner and America’s Hometown Hound.

People nominate their pups by sending in a photo and a brief description of their four-legged friend, and anyone is welcome to vote for the winner.

Charlie Brown, the long-haired German Shepherd, was actually the Hometown Hound for 2020 and 2021, but he was happy to pass the torch to his pal, Otis.

Otis is The Top Dog for 2022

Otis takes his job very seriously. Otis often visits small businesses in town and attends as many local events as possible.

“Otis is THE Plymouth Golden,” said Tolman. “He’s the small-business supporter canine and he has become a staple in the community.”

The 4-year-old Golden Retriever has a lot of friends, both human and canine, and lives a very social life thanks to his new title.

Otis loves the water, going to the beach and dressing up in fun outfits (he can thank his owner for that).

Otis will be the top dog for the remainder of the year, until the next Bark in the Park event, where the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and Just Around the Corner announce the new Hometown Hound.

Next time you are in Plymouth, keep your eyes peeled for Otis. He’s a big fan of belly rubs.

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