"Santa's coming!? I know him!"

Similarly to Buddy the Elf in the movie Elf, "I know him!"

A friend of mine went viral yesterday with a video of him dressed as Buddy the Elf, pillow fighting strangers. I actually first saw the video on Facebook yesterday. I recognized Faneuil Hall in Boston, so I kept watching. Suddenly, it hit.

"Wait. Brendan!?"

First of all, the video is hilarious and has already been picked up by news outlets in Boston, and even Barstool Sports shared the video. The craziest thing is that this dude literally pranked me two days earlier on another station I work at. He called me up and started yelling that he won a prize, except for the fact that there was no prize for him to win.

He's done a ton of other hilarious work, so I seriously recommend you go check him out. He's also done a couple of pretty epic parodies of the Saw movies (one of which, you may notice my angelic voice in at the beginning).

Also, not for nothing, my man is actually a really good dude.

He's an Air Force Medic, firefighter and great (and obviously fun) dad.

Brendan Edwards Famed Viral Elf

Either way, you should probably check out the actual Elf video. Don't try this at home, folks. He's a professional. Professional what, we may never know.



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