A pillow fight got bloody this weekend on the campus of West Point.

It sounds like a sleepover gone wrong, but a pillow fight on the West Point campus got out of hand a few weeks ago, leaving 30 freshman cadets injured and bleeding.

Seems the annual pillow fight is a freshman tradition at the military college, where students for some reason put hard objects inside their pillows and hit each other with them.

The New York Times reported that things got so bad on August 20th that 24 of the injured cadets ended up with concussions!

Several people tweeted out photos of the brutal battle, but West Point spokesman Lt. Col. Christopher Kasker wouldn't confirm it even happened until this past Thursday. He also told the Times that all the cadets involved have returned to duty adding that the yearly pillow fight is organized as a sort of right of passage to celebrate the freshman cadets' completion of summer training.


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