Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River is currently accepting applications for those who are looking to add a puppy to their family.

The shelter is expecting 10 Hound puppies sometime in the first week of February. They posted the requirements for anyone who is interested in applying for adoption.

“In order to be considered for these pups, you must have kids over the age of five, not live in an apartment (they are hounds), have an active lifestyle, the time for a puppy, and the understanding that these pups have the potential to be large dogs and loud dogs, and send in a completed application to”

Arianna Silva is the Director at Forever Paws Animal Shelter and she is the contact person for all inquiries. She gave us more information about the incoming hounds. “They are coming from another animal rescue group out of West Virginia. The pups need to clear their health screening in order to travel into Massachusetts, so we are hoping for a Friday, February 5 arrival, but it depends on their health. If we are able to keep to that timeline, the pups will be 11-weeks-old when they arrive. They will then be held in quarantine for 48 hours and then seen by a veterinarian. Once cleared, they will be released from quarantine.”

Silva explained that the shelter will also be taking the mom of the 10 puppies and that she will also be available for adoption. There seems to be a bit of a Disney theme for the names; Jasmine, Elsa, Ariel, Aladdin, Naveen, Aurora, Belle, Anna, Eugene, and Snow.

“We are hoping to have loving homes lined up for these sweet pups prior to their arrival, so they can spend the least amount of time in the shelter as possible.”

You can fill out an application by clicking HEREYou will be contacted once approved.

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