Happy picking season! Here's a handy dandy list of all the farms where you can pick your own fruits and vegetables!

Johannes Simon/Getty Images
Johannes Simon/Getty Images

1. Dufort Farms- At this farm in Rehoboth, you can pick your own delicious blueberries and blueberry pie is always always in style.

2. Stone Bridge Farm- Welcome to Cranberry country!  The Southcoast is known for their large supply of cranberries, so why not pick your own? At this farm in Acushnet, you can do just that!

3. Pocasset Orchards- Pick the finest apples and blueberries you can find here in Dartmouth.

4. Back Acre Farm- Soon enough, it'll be Halloween and you'll be searching for that perfect pumpkin to carve or that regal looking gourd to set on your front porch or table. Look no further- they're at Back Acre farm in Middleboro!

5. Spring Rain Farm- Strawberry lovers unite! At this farm in East Taunton, load up your basket with fresh strawberries!

6. Devol Farm- Yet another local farm to offer fresh blueberries!

7. Manny's Vineyard- For all of you 21 and over, stop at this vineyard in South Dartmouth and check out some of the grapes being fermented!

8. Keith's Farm- Apples and strawberries and pumpkins, oh my! Fall is in full swing at this farm in Acushnet!

Want more? Check out the full list!

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