Last night the Academy Awards capped off a very busy award show season for Hollywood actors. But now that the season has come to an end, who made the best impression (and best speeches) with their wins?

Jason Merritt/Kevin Winter/Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Every awards season has their darlings. Last year everyone was talking about and wanted to talk to Jennifer Lawrence.

In 2012 Octavia Spencer and her fantastic performance in The Help was the big buzz about town.

But this year's media darling may want a more masculine title than that, because it seemed to me that this was the year of Jared Leto.

To date, Leto has won over 30 awards for his role as an HIV positive transgender woman, Rayon, in the highly acclaimed movie Dallas Buyers Club. From the Golden Globes to the Independent Spirit Awards and of course the coveted Oscar, Jared Leto racked up the trophies this year and in my opinion made some of the best acceptances speeches along the way.

He always managed to capture the right mood for the ceremony and the venue.

At the Golden Globes, Leto was humble yet hilarious, commenting on his own "Brazilian bubble butt." He had even more fun with his thank yous at the Independent Spirit Awards, poking fun at co-star Matthew McConaughey and shouting out his "future ex-wife." But when he took the stage last night at the Academy Awards he really pulled out a powerful and poignant acceptance speech that truly matched his amazing moment.

I think it really takes talent to not only win all of these esteemed awards, but to then carry yourself in just the right way at each of the ceremonies and pair your winning moment so perfectly with the entire mood of that award show.

I was really super impressed with Jared Leto over the last few months of awards show season and I don't think there could have been any other actor or actress more deserving of the big wins this time around.

Of course having him be so easy of the eyes makes seeing more of him as the media craze continues just fine with me too. If you missed any of his big awards season moments, check out the clips below.