You may have heard of an online yard sale where you can purchase items for cheap, but have you ever come across a giveaway chain? One Pembroke woman decided to open the door for kindness online by starting a “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” giveaway thread.

Renee Moore came across this idea online and decided she wanted to bring it to a Fall River Facebook group.

“What is one thing you NEED that you cannot afford right now?” she asked. “Let’s check and see what others say.”

“NO SELLING,” she continued. “If you’re offering something on here to someone it means you’re GIVING it to them for FREE! 2021 needs some positivity and a way for us all to spread love and joy!”

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Moore is a member of several town groups on Facebook, and she originally posted this thread around Christmastime. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive. She decided to post it again during the pandemic, to try and help anyone that was struggling.

“Every time I post this, it’s a hit!” she said.

The thread has received dozens of comments since Thursday. One woman requested a loveseat and recliner, and her request was quickly answered by another woman who wanted to give away hers.

Someone needed help with some home maintenance, and her comment was met with several people willing to help.

Moore said she created her account to help spread kindness to others, and it’s a great feeling to know that she makes a small difference in someone’s life that could use some help.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but kindness can spread faster than weeds, and it’s so refreshing to see neighbors coming together with positive solutions on how to shop smart.

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