It wasn't planned, but it turned out to be Patriots night on Friday night at the Factory of Terror in Fall River.  Shaq Mason, Keionta Davis and Jamal Wiltz of the New England Patriots went to the Factory of Terror before flying out to Chicago for their game on Sunday against the Bears.

Make no mistake about it, these guys aren't kickers or wide receivers.  They're the big dudes - the lineman - some of the toughest players on the team.  Surely, they wouldn't be scared by the Factory of Terror, right?  Wrong!  Our spies tell us that these 3 guys were having a great time getting jump scared during their whole visit.  They had heard about the new Haunted Swamp at Factory of Terror and wanted to try it out.  They were not disappointed!

Not only were the players there, but the Gronk party bus also made an appearance. The bus showcased Gronk's super-sized football gloves, his jersey, and was stocked with all party essentials (pictured below) Gronk, who was busy nursing a bad back and a gimpy ankle, didn't make it, but he allowed his nephew to have a night out with the party bus.