The Patriots got their Super Bowl rings last night. Spoiler Alert... they're amazing.

After completing the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, Tom Brady and Patriots were set for another epic ring ceremony. The rings were revealed last night as the Patriots' owner Robert Kraft held a ring ceremony at his house last night.

It looked like it was definitely a raging party, which included a Snoop Dogg performance apparently. Let that sink in for a minute. Robert Kraft basically had Snoop come over for a house party... These guys are kings and I love it.

The rings themselves are probably the most crazy yet. It's getting to a point where they're going to get to big to even bend your finger while wearing one.

Naturally there's the picture everyone wanted to see. Tom Brady and his 5 rings. I think my favorite thing on earth is that Brady actually got his fifth ring sized for his thumb. It was truly one for the thumb.

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