Nuntanat "Nam" Subannawong is an exchange student from Thailand who is staying with the Hartley-Matteson family in Mattapoisett. He is attending Old Rochester Regional High School for much of this school year. The 16-year-old experienced something last night that he never has before: he threw a snowball.

Amy Hartley-Matteson tells Fun 107 that it was the "cutest thing--the forecast had snow at 6 p.m., so at 5:52 p.m., Nam announced, 'Eight minutes until snow!'" Nam then proceeded out to the back porch, sat in one of the chairs and waited.

Once it finally did snow, he said that it was so amazing that he could not even explain how he felt.  Nam told us that throughout his life, he watched many American movies that taken place in the winter, so that is what he thought snow would be like in his imagination.

Listen to Nam's call to the Michael Rock Show here:

Last night, he had snowball fights with his host family and built a small snow/slushman with the small amount of snow he could collect from the ground. It was something he will never forget.

Nam took a moment on Fun 107 to thank his mother and the student exchange program that made this experience possible for him.


Nam's First Snow

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