What do you do when you are stuck on a plane for an unknown amount of time during a flight delay? A lot of us will hop on the phone and scroll through a little Facebook. Many will get a jump start on their in-flight movie. If you're a member of the ORRHS Chorus, however, you do what you love to do the most: you entertain. Thankfully, the impromptu in plane performance was caught on video.

The chorus and concert band were honored in Nashville over the weekend, where they performed at the Musicians' Hall of Fame. Both groups took home honors, earning ratings of "Excellent" during the ceremony.

Former Miss Massachusetts title holder Jillian Zucco accompanied the performers on the trip to Nashville, captured the moment on video, and shared it with Fun 107. Jillian tells us that Samuel Guillotte, the young man leading the song in this video, was the only featured soloist.

The highlight of the night was saved for ORR’s Mason Tucker. Mason was recognized as the “Outstanding Accompanist 2019” for the entire festival. This was the only special recognition award for the night.

The performance on the plane lifted the spirits of the other passengers during the unexpected flight delay.

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