You don't have to be a savvy stock trader to know that the coronavirus has been devastating to America's economy. While it remains to be seen just how permanent the damage will be for corporations, the economic woes have hit some local business pretty hard, and the virus hasn't even really hit the SouthCoast yet.

Local restaurants have already taken a big hit. Between people stocking up in the grocery stores every chance they get, and the hesitation to be around crowds (even small crowds) of unknown people, numbers have been down at many local restaurants.

Troy DeMello is one of the owners at New Bedford's End Zone restaurant and The Airport Grill.

"Actually, our week was pretty normal up until yesterday, but our numbers were way down for Thursday," he said. "We only billed about half of what we'd usually do on a Thursday night."

DeMello says that, thankfully, because the End Zone had been around for so long they have very little overhead.

"I feel bad for some of these newer restaurants. You know they have multiple mortgages on the business," he said. "When something like the New Bedford Half Marathon gets canceled, it can be devastating for a new business. They are counting on that money to pay their bills, and it's just not there. One bad weekend can force them to close their doors."

Richard Pasquill is the owner of Turk's Seafood in Mattapoisett. He says that he's been lucky so far, in that his restaurant has been fairly steady since they returned from winter break.

"I was at another restaurant though, last night, and the place was dead," he said. "I talk to my suppliers and they tell me that the Boston restaurant scene is dead. New York is dead. I've never seen anything like it."

As far as his staff? He says, "If you feel sick, stay home." It's as simple as that.

Barrett's Alehouse posted on Facebook a number of different policy adjustments that have been made with COVID-19 in mind. They are eliminating linen napkins for the time being, salt and pepper shakers will be replaced with single-use packets, and limes and lemons will not be used for drinks unless specifically requested.

While many might not be in the mood to go out to dinner, this weekend would be perfect for a take out from your favorite restaurant. You just might help it stay afloat during a very difficult time.

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