If you're still down in the dumps, today being the one week anniversary since we all yelled at our TVs, "WHY DIDN'T YOU PLAY MALCOLM BILL, WHY?!"

First off, I don't blame you, BUT the Celtics are a big-time team this year and if you haven't been watching, today is a perfect time to pick up on the team and follow to replace your days of football (today being Sunday, and NBA teams play numerous times a week). The NBA Finals (hoping the Celtics make it, will take you until the end of June, not too far from Pats training camp).

If you're new to the NBA this year, the Celtics are the No. 2 team in the Eastern Conference and their opponent today at 3:30, the Cleveland Cavaliers led by Lebron James (I think you've heard of him), has a whole new roster essentially. After they seemed beyond repair at making a final run, they traded six players to in hopes to contend and today they will take on the Celtics who are looking to get that one seed back.

Today is BIG matchup in the NBA, so now would be a perfect time to replace the Pats with Celtics in the meantime if you need something entertaining to watch.

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