Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day and it has become a day that officials use to urge people to register to vote before the October 19 deadline.

This year the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is allowing people to register through the Secretary of State's website and Maria Tomasia, the Chair of New Bedford's Board of Election Commissioners, told WBSM News many voters have been taking advantage of the opportunity.

"The cue that we receive from the state on a daily basis has got a hundred or more registrations everyday, so that's been working very well," said Tomasia "and we would like to continue with that if possible, so really there is no reason for people to say 'I don't have time to get to City Hall."

While the website makes it possible you to register without having to leave your home, Tomasia says you will still need to have some documentation, such as a driver's license and social security card, available in order to complete the process.

"There is a section in there for them to verify that you are in fact a legitimate person," said Tomasia "you have to give either your license number or your last four digits of your social security card, your date of birth, your name and address, and that's basically it."

While the registration deadline is still a few weeks away Tomasia advises getting an early start on the process so voters will have enough time to address any difficulties that may arise, especially if you haven't voted recently or have moved.

"If you have moved in the past few years and did not have time to let the election commission know you should call, or you can you send an e-mail indicating 'could you please check that my registration is at this address,'" said Tomasia.

In addition to registration, the website can also provide voters with information including polling locations for their address.