Massachusetts thrill seekers don't have to go too far for a fantastic roller coaster.

USA Today has ranked the best roller coasters in the U.S., and Six Flags New England is home to number three.

If you've ever ridden Superman The Ride, you have been on one of the best coasters in the whole country.

I have in fact been on Superman The Ride and honestly, I hated it. It was terrifying.

I'm pretty sure that's what riding roller coasters is all about for people, and full disclosure, I only got brave enough to ride any roller coaster when I was about 16.

So no, I'm not a thrill seeker and this ride scared the bejesus out of me.

I think it was the 221-foot drop at a 68-degree angle. Seriously, I thought I was going to fall right out of my seat!

The 77 mph speeds and tunnels that make you think you're going to hit your head could have been the source of the terror, too, though.

Whatever it was, I thought the ride was intense.

But I braved it, I survived it and I will never get on it again.

It is nice to know I rode the third best roller coaster in the country, though. Go me!

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