Big name DJs have not had a good week. In fact more than a few of them have had to cancel shows this week due to hospitalization. So what is going on?

Call them clumsy, call the overworked, but whatever the case was three big time DJs landed themselves in the hospital this week and left fans in several cities a little disappointed.

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The first DJ to go down was Tiesto. He cancelled a show in San Diego on Monday after an LED light at the venue fell and hit him in the head! Just as he was making his way to the stage too!

Fans there must have been disappointed. I mean just as Tiesto was to about to get in the DJ booth he gets injured by his own stage set up and has to be taken to the hospital!

Luckily he was pretty much immediately released and is said to be doing just fine.

A couple days later however, it was Afrojack's turn to hit the deck...literally. Afrojack was performing down in Miami on Wednesday when the stage show got a little crazy and bottles of champagne were brought out. I guess the champagne spraying got everywhere, cause when Afrojack hopped down from the stage to move around in the crowd, he slipped in some of the bubbly on the ground and hit his head on the concrete below. Ouch!

He too was hospitalized and released and is doing much better. And hopefully he'll be more careful with him champagne spraying in the future.

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Last but not least was Avicii being taken to the hospital just last night. He had to cancel his South Beach show after an unknown illness sent him to the hospital for treatment.

His reps still aren't saying what the cause of his hospital stay was, but he is said to be doing fine and has already been released. I know his schedule's been very hectic lately so maybe exhaustion or dehydration played a part in that one. I mean have you see how sweaty these guys get on stage? Gross!

Glad to hear they are all okay of course, but a word to David Guetta, Zedd and Calvin careful this weekend!

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