A British mom found something super creepy in her can of tuna and it took weeks to find out what it was.

Earlier this year, Zoe Butler was cracking open a can of tuna fish for her kids lunch when she noticed something in the can staring back at her.

To her horror there was a "sea creature" in with the tuna which she described to the Nottingham Post as,

a purple-y thing, a gut sack or intestine"

Her first reaction was of course to scream (who wouldn't!) and then she grabbed her phone to snap some photos of the mystery straggler in her tuna.

Butler posted the photos to her Twitter, but also sent them to not only the company, Princes Tuna, but also media outlets Nottingham Post and The Daily Mail in hopes of finding out exactly what this "thing" was.

And eventually she did.

It literally took nearly a month for anyone to get to the bottom of what this tuna dweller might be. Eventually Princes Tuna got back to Butler and informed her that the "creature" was a very small, immature crab known as a Megalopa. They say it "represents no food safety risk," but profusely apologized for the entire incident.