Wondering if we'll see lots of snow this winter? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has shared their seasonal thoughts.

Back in August the Farmer's Almanac predicted a colder winter with more snow than last year. Now NOAA is pretty much saying the opposite.

The are calling for a milder winter for New Englanders...and for most of the country actually.

The latest info from the National Weather folks is that states in the north will likely have above-average winter temperatures from December through February.

They also differ from the Farmer's Almanac on predicting snow for the upcoming season.

Though the farmers were happy to announce above-average snowfall this season, NOAA says you can't really predict that sort of thing more than a week in advance.

They add that even in milder winters there are cold snaps that can bring plenty of snow. But how much that will be, they aren't predicting just yet but are expecting similar snowfall numbers to last winter.

So depending on who you want to believe, we could have a colder than normal winter or a milder than normal winter.

Of course it's New England, so no winter will be exactly warm and snow free.

But we'll always have the info you need on any snow storms right here thanks to ABC 6.

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