The City of Fall River is advising people and their pets to stay out of South Watuppa Pond. They say that the recent heat, humidity and sunlight have caused very high levels of the dangerous blue-green algae.

According to, the state health department took samples from the pond, and reported to the Mayor's Office that no one should swim, wade, or come in any contact with the water. They also say this applies to your animals.

After coming in contact with the water, the symptoms that could develop range from skin and eye irritation to upset stomach and intestinal discomfort. There may also be respiratory issues with asthma-like symptoms. Anyone who had been in the water and is suffering those symptoms should seek medical attention. Pets may need veterinary care.

If you do have contact with the water, you are advised to yourself and any pets off as soon as possible.

The administrator of public utilities says told the Herald News that the  that the condition of the water in the pond is not tied in to the drowning of a 14-year-old boy on July 17.

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