Over the weekend, I had one of the most disrespectful DJ interactions of my career.

I totally understand that not every person is going to love every DJ. Each DJ has their own style. Their own flair. They may play different music. They may read the crowd differently than others. They may take requests, but then again, they may not. It's always going to be a little bit of a different experience, because, well, people are different.

That being said, just because you don't like one DJ doesn't give you license to disrespect him or her. This past Friday, I was playing to an absolutely fantastic crowd. They were interactive. They were fun. They were actually very easy to play to and no one really made any requests. They were just vibing with me. It was fantastic.

There was also a high school reunion happening at the connected banquet hall. As it got later, some of that crowd spilled out into our area. They made some older requests, as they were an older class. I played a couple and no one danced. It actually had the other people that were having a great time already leave the dance floor. Now, I wasn't hired to DJ their reunion. They decided to come to the area I was hired to DJ for a largely younger audience.

One man from the reunion group was not a big fan of my music. Like I said before, that's fine. He took it to another level, though. He took the time to walk all the way up to the booth and grab my attention. I asked him how I could help him, assuming it was another song request. Instead, he turned bright red and angry.


I honestly had no idea what to do. I said, "Thanks!"

He continued, "SUCK SUCK! YOU F*****G SUCK!"

I laughed and said, "Okay, well, bye." He stormed off, and once he got to the other side of the dance floor, he turned look back and continued screaming it at me.

Typically, I don't really care and wouldn't say anything, but I think it's important to say acting this way is totally not necessary. You can come up and voice your disappointment, or you can come up and explain that your class is hoping for a different vibe, but there is no reason to verbally attack me.

I just want to remind you that you do have the ability to go somewhere else. You have the ability to be polite. You have the ability to still have fun despite this music not being something you're in love with. Just please try to respect people. The DJ is there to bring the energy and fun. If everyone looks to be having a great time, and you're the only one that isn't, maybe you need to just find a new place to dance.

Just don't be a rude fool. That just makes you look bad, and definitely isn't going to add any incentive for the DJ to pay any attention to you for the rest of the night.

Just an FYI.

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