Femcee Nicki Minaj took home the coveted VMA for Best Female Video for 'Starpships' at the 2012 MTV VMAs.

"Oh my god" was Minaj's response at the podium, and she said it like 10 times when she took the stage to receive her Moon Man. She was so surprised and appeared to have not expected the win. We're thinking Lil Kim is at home, cursing at her TV screen, given her bitter hatred for Miss Minaj.

In her acceptance speech, the rapper said, "Barbz, I know you out there. I love you so much." She never forgets to thank her fans. Minaj also gave props to the YMCMB crew, since how can she not? They're her peeps.

Minaj was completely and totally shocked by her win. She took the stage with an entourage and did her best Taylor Swift, the latter of which is known for her incredulous faces and expressions of childlike shock and awe whenever she wins something at an awards show.

Minaj looked hot too in her skintight black and red bedazzled cat suit, which showed off her bootay.

The only thing we were not feeling re: Minaj? The pee-yellow, larger-than-life wig she was sporting. The color, which Lady Gaga has worn on occasion, just isn't pretty or flattering. We like Minaj when she goes platinum blonde, like her beloved Barbie.