As if you didn't already know, Taylor Swift is about to release an album entitled Lover on August 23. Lots of rumors are surrounding this release and how relevant it may be to her current relationship with actor Joe Alwyn.

In Taylor Swift fashion, she will do this release big by performing on the MTV VMA's the night before the big release. This will be her seventh studio album.

Lots of lyrics in this song may indicate that Taylor's relationship may be further along than she lets on to the public. Many of her fans are even alluding to her possibly already being married.

If you haven't heard the song, here it is. Pay close attention to the lyrics:

Lots of people are saying this is the "sleeper" song on her album and that their are lots of hits on this one. A good mix of the old sounding Taylor with some of the new. Since Taylor will have one of the biggest stages in music next week we think she will absolutely take the opportunity to outdo herself and maybe share some news about her personal life.

My question is, will her man be there? She hasn't been seen out in public with him too much in recent months.

Taylor is not looking for this song to become a radio hit. She actually just released it to garner more excitement around that album–although I'm sure her fans may sway her otherwise.

Either way, we need to know what you think of Taylor's title track off her next album.
Is it "wicked" good or totally "whack?"

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