I'm sure you have seen or at least heard of this triple threat named Lizzo. She sings, raps, plays the flute, and I'm pretty sure she is a certified twerker.

I was fortunate enough to grab her while she was on the road to New York, where she will grace us with her presence on the MTV VMAs stage.

Let me first explain that Lizzo had quiet the morning getting to us. She was on a flight that was about to take off and then got canceled because the plane was broken.

Well, Lizzo was determined to get to us and booked another flight and was on her way. Well, that didn't go too smoothly either, since they ended up losing her luggage which had all of her clothes and well, most importantly, her makeup!

In my opinion, she pulled it all together just perfectly but I'm sure she was not happy with what went down trying to travel.

Here is the interview. Considering the day she had, you can understand why it's NSFW:

You have permission to laugh at me for the "girl power." I mean, I'm such a dork. Regardless, I have interviewed lots of celebrities and for some reason, she holds the reigns for having complete control throughout all of it. I thought I came prepared but clearly not! I need to brush up on my flute knowledge and maybe have a flute-off with her.

I'm looking forward to her twerking and her flute solo this Friday on the VMAs. I hope she does "Juicy" and her current single "Truth Hurts," which may hit No. 1 in the next week or two.

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