When I first got this song in my e-mail, I thought it was from Jennifer Lopez, seeing as how the superstar had previously done a song called "Papi."  This song may be just as catchy and the singer behind it is on a similar career path to J. Lo.

Isabela Merced, a.k.a. Moner, is from Lima, Peru. She has had numerous roles on the big screen and had her first on-stage role on broadway production of Evita where she sang alongside Ricky Martin.

She has lots of on-screen experience too, starring in the Nickelodeon television show 100 Things to Do Before High School as C.J. Martin. 

She has also voiced many animated films. Isabela only weeks ago confirmed her new stage name to be Isabela Merced. She said the change of name gives more depth and meaning.

The song was just released on October 25 and the industry is buzzing about it.

If you missed me playing it on the air, take a listen to it here:

It's catchy for sure. With a name like "Papi," you had to expect there would be to be lots of Spanish in the song. I'm still translating.

With the resumé Isabela has built, I'm thinking she has quite the career ahead of her even if this song doesn't become a hit. You decide that, though.

Do you think this teen star has a hit with her song "Papi" or do you think she may need to try again? Vote now. Is this song wicked good, or is it totally whack?

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