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The 2-1 New England Patriots face their toughest test of the young season this Sunday afternoon when they visit Arrowhead Stadium to go nose-to-nose with the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs.

Patrick Mahomes announced this week that he and his fiance are going to have a baby. Here's to hoping he hasn't gotten much sleep this week as he stirs with anticipation about his upcoming bundle of joy.

Travis Kelce continues to be the premier tight end in the league, even with the return of Tampa Bay's big tight end to the league. And Tyreek Hill's blazing speed is still a concern.

ABC6 Sports Director Nick Coit agrees.

"This is the toughest game on the schedule, no doubt about it," he said. "This, I think, every year going forward is going to be your shot at the heavyweight champ."

Judging from what he's seen over the first few games, Coit is slightly more optimistic about this being a competitive game.

"It's going to be a little more exciting (than originally thought) because it will be interesting to see just how good the Patriots can be at their ceiling going up against such a good team," he said.

Clearly, the Chiefs have an elite offensive squad that will put the Patriots to the test. What do they have to do to win the game? Coit said this is a case of the best defense is a strong offense. Look for New England to run the football and run it a lot to control possession, control the clock, and control the tempo of the game.

That being said, does Nick Coit think the Patriots can go into Kansas City and steal one?

"I'm going the safe route and picking the defending champs," Coit said. "But they'll compete, it'll be a good game."

Fun fact of the week? Three games in and the Patriots offense has not been called for a single penalty.

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