The team is 10 and 2, but all is not well in Patriots Nation.

This article is bring written at 4:30 p.m. Eastern on a Friday afternoon with a major conference matchup as the CBS game of the week this Sunday afternoon, but the Patriots have no idea who their kicker will be.

They are expected to bring back Nick Folk, who needed to get his appendix removed last week, but he wasn't at practice today. Coach Belichick gave no indication (no surprise) that they had any announcement looming. Instead, he joked about a possible return of Wes Welker as an emergency kicker, something Wes did as a rookie in Miami.

Kicker is not the only position where there's unrest. Judging from Tom Brady's reactions in last week's Sunday Night Football game against the Texans, the receiving corps has fallen out of favor with the GOAT. The Patriots currently have the most miserable 10-2 quarterback in the history of the NFL. "He'll come around, he'll come around," laughed ABC6 Sports Director Nick Coit.

Coit wasn't laughing, though, when he talked about the Patriots' prospects going into this weekend's rematch of the AFC Championship Game. I asked him if he thought the Chiefs were still bitter from the loss in January and if they would carry that into this game.

Of course!  I mean they were an offsides call away from getting to the Super Bowl and beating the Patriots at home in the AFC Title Game.  I'm sure that was tough for Andy Reed and his squad to swallow, and it's been a tough year for them health wise with Mahomes sitting out a few weeks injured.  But they're getting healthy at the right time, which is why I'm concerned about them coming here.  They can get hot. — ABC6 Sports Director Nick Coit

The Patriots need to figure out how to consistently move the ball and score, especially in the red zone.

I can't remember the last time Nick Coit came onto Fun 107's Patriots Preview and picked the Patriots to lose a game, but that's what happened this morning. Coit thinks the Patriots will lose their first home game in over two years.

NICK'S PICK: Patriots 21, Chiefs 28

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