"Can you hear me now?" NOT good!

Telemarketers are not normally someone we agree with. But with the newest telemarketing ploy is taking your own words out of your mouth.

Here's how the scam plays out: a telemarketer or automated system will call your phone. Upon answering the caller will most commonly ask "Can you hear me?" Your basic instinct is to respond "Yes" to the question. According to police departments across the country, scammers now have your "yes" recorded and can use it as evidence that you agreed to what transaction they are calling about.

Even if you haven't agreed to buy anything, you may later find out you've been signed up for a large purchase. Other variation uses of your "yes" are used to prove you've agreed to credit card charges.

What's the best way to avoid this scam? Simple, hang up the phone. Use your caller ID. If you don't recognize the phone number do not answer the phone. If you have suspicions that the call may be legitimate but you have doubts, answer the call with an alternative answer. A simple "I can hear you" response could save you big time.

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