Rosemary Heath's search continues. Her goal is to have her heroic husband remembered in some way by his community.

"Whether it's in New Bedford or Taunton, I just think George's story is one to be remembered. He was a person who put others first," she said. George Heath died putting others first, stopping a killer at the Bertucci's at the Silver City Galleria.

When Taunton announced that they were merging the Mulcahey School and the Hopewell School, Rosemary immediately nominated the former Greater New Bedford Voc Tech teacher. Her idea was for the school to be renamed the George Heath School. The committee heard the nominations yesterday, voted on them last night, and made the announcement early this morning that the Taunton School would stick with one of the original names: the Mulcahey School.

"I'm just looking for something to be named after George Heath. A bench or a plaque at a park, a street name, something. His memory deserves to be alive," Rosemary said. "It would be good for the public to know that someone gave his life for someone else. It might help others to step up and put other people first."

However, Mrs. Heath says that she fully supports Taunton's name choice.

"It's fantastic," she said. "Mr. Mulcahey was a longtime teacher and a World War II hero. Honoring him is the right thing to do."

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