New research is supporting what parents have been feeling for centuries, that sleep deprivation is real. And may last way longer than you think.

As a mom with a three-year-old and a three-month-old, I can agree that this study is spot on.

And ironically I came across it at around 3 a.m. while I was up nursing my daughter, so the finding of breastfeeding moms being more sleep deprived rang true for me as well.

Basically the study talked with thousands of parents about pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-pregnancy and found that parents don't get back to those pre-baby nights of sleep until their kids are school aged.

Yep, we're all sleep deprived and the lack of sleep will likely last up to six years.

Six years!

Moms everywhere are not remotely surprised by these findings I'm sure.

Other completely unsurprising findings, the worst of the sleep deprivation happens during the first three months and mothers are more sleep deprived than fathers.

Again, women everywhere say "duh."

The study also found that it doesn't matter if you are young parents, older parents, rich parents or poor will be sleep deprived.

And it will last for years.

So good luck new parents. Grab some coffee and look forward to kindergarten.

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