Summertime and Roller Coasters. They go together, like America and July 4th! You can find them all over the world! Some are old, some are new and being built! With new technology, the Roller Coaster has reinvented itself again. Meet Full Throttle (the name itself couldn't be more perfect). Full Throttle, is the newest roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California.

This is  biggest one on the planet, and the car blasts from zero to 70 miles as it launches furiously and ridiculously vertical into a 160 foot-high loop. Then it quickly swerves up a curve, takes a left turn, and drops down a dive loop. Then it stops and you are like oh cool, ride over.

Hold up!

You'll do it backwards too! 2 things on this, If you ever do not drink or eat before. period. and Don't watch this at your desk if you hate rides!



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