There has been so much about becoming a mom that I was not expecting...good and bad. Every day seems like there's something new to overcome and today was a big one.

After months of being home with my new little bundle of joy, today it was back to work.

Now if you had asked me pre-pregnancy if I would be a working mom I would have said of course I will. The thought of staying home seemed crazy to me. I always thought I'd be bored as a stay at home mom and getting back to work would be a piece of cake.


I absolutely loved being home with my daughter. Caring for her, playing with her, even watching her sleep were the best things ever and I never wanted my time with her to end. In fact I started to think leaving her would be downright impossible for me.

TSM/Nancy Hall

I was pretty shocked at how quickly I became just a complete mush for her sweet little face and how much motherhood really did change me.

Now I'm not sure it happens for everyone, cause as they say every baby is different and every mom is different. But for this mom, hanging with my baby is the highlight of my day. I don't even mind when she wakes up at 4am, cause it means I can see her sooner.

I told you, complete mush.

So coming back to work today was pretty tough. There were tears shed on the drive in for sure. I can only imagine how the first day of school will hit me!

Any mom's prepping for the first day for their little ones? Any tips from seasoned mothers on how to handle those first days away from your child?

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